Beirut… coming back to you is not painful

Beirut... coming back to you is not painful

Beirut (2005)

Short documentary

12 min.


On migrant Lebanese filmmakers, their films and their nostalgias

Sobre los cineastas libaneses migrantes, sus películas y sus nostalgias

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Beirut... coming back to you is not painful

A documentary that explores Lebanese post-war cinema as a trans-national and migrant’s cinema through the works and interviews with the filmmakers Ghassan Salhab, Ziad Doueiri and Nigol Bezjian.

Un documental que explora el cine libanés de la posguerra como un cine transnacional y de migrantes a través de las obras y de entrevistas con los cineastas Ghassan Salhab, Ziad Doueiri y Nigol Bezjian.

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Middle Eastern Studies Association Film Festival
Washington, DC, 2004
The 9th Arab Film Festival
San Francisco, U.S.A. 2004
Festival Ciné DiversCités
MIGRINTER, Poitiers, France, 2004
Institut Francais du Proche-Orient
Beirut, Lebanon, 2004


Co-Directors: Laila Hotait and Nadia Hotait
Editor: Roger Nasr
Performing: Ziad Doueiri, Nigol Bezjian and Ghassan Salhab.
Producer: Nadia Hotait and Laila Hotait
Camera Operators: Abdelsalam Akkad and Karim Koleilat